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100% wild quail. On private land. All of it grain farm edges. Foot hunting only. All hunts are self guided. Hunters are separated to insure no quail hunter mixes his dogs with others.

wild quail hunting private land wild quail self guided quail hunts

The text that came with the picture quail hunt above:

"Took Kelly for a walk in the park quick hunt and ended up with a limit in an hour and a half. She pointed and retrieved all of them. She even pointed two on a 3 ft. lead on the way back to the truck."

Mid-America Hunting Association Details

Wild Bobwhite Quail only. It starts in southern Iowa, through north Missouri then east to west Kansas. This region covers a variety of cover and varying/mixed bird densities and cover.

This region allows for a selection of quail habitat that covers open sky or closed woods along with the accompanying easy and difficult shooting.

We lease the private land for our exclusive use, recommend to the hunter where to quail hunt and provide a local lodging listing. After that the self guided hunter is hunting on his own. Providing his own dog power, shooting ability and willingness to walk.

Under our system all may be hunting any time during the season as often as he wants to. More importantly, he will be hunting without encountering any public land hunter mentality.


After the first quail hunt a leisurely approach will be adopted by the hunter as he will find that he is not in competition with others. He will have the entire day to enjoy his dog at work. Each time that hunter and dog steps from their truck they may do so onto a different field each day of every trip. And, our fields are large.

While many quail hunters can cover a lot of ground it commonly takes only 3 - quarter sections for a full day's hunt. If that hunter walks fast enough to cover each quarter in two hours each then he will have consumed 6 day light hours. The rest would be break time between walks.

Those with the quail dog power may find that 3 - quarters are but 2/3'rd of a day and either they will have a limit or work their dogs until dark. In any case plan on working at your own pace as once on the land the quail are here for the hunting.

Amongst MAHA quail hunters they are largely divided between two groups. The dedicated quail only dog hunter. And, those that prefer the mixed bag that includes quail and pheasant during the same trip. All may hunt the bird(s) of their choice.

Missouri Quail Hunting

Missouri quail hunting

Missouri has the most closed in quail cover.

The quail only hunters spend most of the season in Missouri. Missouri has easy walking small farm grain crop field edge quail habitat. This Missouri hunting is largely on circular fields that allow for plenty of dog observation. The consequence is plenty of quail coveys heading into the wood lines cutting short shot opportunity.

Missouri is generally considered better for more singles action after the covey flush. And, that point about Missouri having a lot more quail than pheasants is a discriminator many quail hunters select above all else of where to hunt.

The challenges continue for the lone quail hunter working a brushed and grassed in fence line as this type of habitat nearly always has the quail flushing to the far side cleanly escaping the hunter. Two hunters, one on ether side of the fence line or creek bottom gain far more action of shots on quail.

Those quail hunters that prefer the mixed bag hunting with the easier to harvest pheasant will spend their days in Kansas.

Missouri quail hunting.

Kansas Quail Hunting

Kansas quail hunting.

Western Kansas has the most open quail cover to be found.

Kansas upland bird hunts with a mixture of tall grass pheasant and wooded and brushy draw bobwhite hunts gives the quail hunter a choice of variety frequently on the same day. The hoped for and very difficult to achieve bag limit of both wild pheasant and Bobwhite Quail in one day is possible only for those with the best dogs. Such a day will surely make a picture to bring a smile to that hunter's face for years to come.

Many times we will receive upland bird hunter feedback that they were able to see plenty of both pheasant and quail. Well in excess of several day's limits. However, they were only to gain a few in the bag. Typically, quail being the lesser of the two in the bag.

Digging deeper into these conversations frequently reveals the dog in question is better at either pheasant or quail. Fewer are superior at both.

We do not broach shooting skill levels during these conversations. However, suffice it to say a certain MAHA partner took a friend that joined the year before on a short quail hunt. On the first field there were 17 points. Not one bobwhite in the bag. This partner's friend was the one who always out shot the others on the skeet range. As friendships go this became one of those rubber meets the road points of humor between these two. One of them is frequently asked how his skeet taste.

Kansas quail hunting.

Iowa Quail Hunting

Iowa quail hunting

Iowa has much of the classic crop field edge cover. North Missouri and the east half of Kansas has much of the same.

Iowa seems to have inherited baggage. This includes Iowa residents. Many find it hard to believe that Iowa does have quail. For most of the state that is true. However, for the south central counties that boarder northern Missouri's very good quail region there are plenty of coveys to be hunted.

A second aspect specific to the Association's Iowa land is the limited lease land acreage. This seems to be disliked by many that opt for the larger lease land acreage states of Kansas and Missouri. The reality is that most bird hunters chose to hunt Kansas with its higher pheasant population. The same for Missouri for quail. This leaves Iowa less hunted for quail of the Association's three state area.

A Iowa avoidance motivator is the presence of pheasants. The dedicated quail only hunter will travel further south into Missouri where quail only land exists.

Many of our quail hunters will turn away from a rooster. Not even firing a shot. This is a means to prevent their highly tuned quail dogs from being distracted by running pheasants. These are the same hunters that are lone hunters to further ensure their dogs remain free of unwanted influences of other hunters or their dogs.


Quail hunting reservation procedureAll MAHA quail hunters chose where to quail hunt. They also may select their habitat type of as well.

Iowa's shallow open drainage's with expansive large grain crop fields allow for plenty of long running quail edge. Missouri's more rolling terrain and smaller fields may mean more stops to more farms. However, the circular edge of Missouri's fields makes for a nicer walk by avoiding having to cover the same ground on a linear fence line. And, Kansas with its mixture of brushy draw, crop edge and tall grass prevents boredom with any one type of habitat. All together a great variety.

Kansas Quail Hunting
Iowa Quail Hunting
Missouri Quail Hunting

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