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Kansas quail leaseKansas Quail hunting season begins the second Saturday in November and runs through January 31. A two and a half month long season of cool temperatures. All hunting is self guided on private land and on foot. No horses, no ATV's. All quail are wild. Kansas hunting is on working grain farms of existing edge cover.

We have over 100,000 acres of private Kansas hunting land.

Average Quail Hunters
With Average Dogs

self guided Kansas quail hunting

Jerry, with Lucky who never sits still and always wants to be hunting when in the field.

Brown ground during our Kansas hunting season. Winters with frost in the mornings and light jacket by noon is common. This day was colder never coming out of the upper 30's all day.

Hunting For Both Coveys and Singles

For many that travel for Kansas hunting from arid states we need to emphasize our hunting is for coveys and singles.

It is frequent to have from the covey point to the last singles point a range from zero to the high teens the number of singles pointed. All from a single covey. Kansas' protective cover, cool, humid scenting conditions allows this hunting of singles.

Self Guided Quail Hunts

We only offer self guided quail hunts. However, self guided hunting does not mean the Kansas hunter is without a friendly point of contact.

Both Association partners are upland bird dog training and hunters of Kansas pheasant and quail. They will get all to the point of where to park the truck, put their dogs out and go hunting. From that point the quail hunter hunts at his own pace, working his own dogs as he sees fit to do so. No hunting guides, no dog training or pre-season dog access to any of our private Kansas hunting land.

A Single Kansas Hunting Day

Kansas quail hunting lease

"A 7 hour day quail walk on broken up properties hunting a total of 690 acres. The quail were willing to let us walk by. The farm had two dog habitat and lots of woods shooting. It took right to the last hour to get the final quail. The older dog was so tired at the end of the day he refused to come out of his box for the picture."

How To Make A Quail Hunt

Hunting is by a telephone reserved private land. It is by means of an online road map library of all hunting land in inventory. The reservation is to a live person with immediate confirmation.

We will assist with Kansas hunting recommendations based on these maps. We will work at developing an itinerary for each hunting day. Once the reservations are made the hunter simply drives to the land and hunts. No knocking on doors, no checking in with the landowner, no time spent not hunting.

Lodging is by local motel with an up to date listing available through the Association.

This may seem overly simple. All the more so after the first hunting trip when getting over the anxiety of if there will be places to hunt and if there are quail. The answer to both is yes. Soon after the first Kansas hunting experience the Association hunter begins to relax finding his focus is on dogs, taking pictures of great points and retrieves. Gone will be the worry of if their will be good hunting. It is more of a matter of if this hunt will be just good or one of those special ones when weather, dogs, quail and shooting all comes together better than before.

Kansas Quail Hunting Conditions

Kansas hunting offers more Bobwhite Quail habitat variety than that of Iowa or Missouri. That habitat is over grain field edged with tree lines, fence rows, grassed waterways, brush, draws and fallow ground. The most and best of it along or within grain fields.

In general, as quail numbers change with varying weather patterns Kansas and that of southern Iowa and northern Missouri is either better, on par, or below that of the other. Average years find that Iowa and Missouri has better hunting than Kansas with. This is due to more edge cover brought about by the Lower Missouri River Basin containing thousands of drainage's, streams, rivers. That additional acreage in edge cover along with Iowa and Missouri being soybean and corn predominate growing regions makes for a more valued winter over quail food. And, consistently over each year each field will either be soybean or corn.

When Kansas hunting is better are those years when Iowa and Missouri have down weather effects. This is the advantage of our Kansas hunting. It provides a range of choices. That choice is this Association always has good hunting. It is just a matter of location where that better hunting is from season to season.

Not All Things Perfect

We never oversell our Kansas hunting.

The point to the following discussion tells how any given year's hot Kansas hunting spot turns cold the next season.

The downside of Kansas hunting is clean tillage wheat. A minimum of 25% of the crop fields on any given year are clean tillage wheat. These fields do not attract or hold quail as well as a milo, soybean or corn fields.

Clean tillage wheat is not to be confused with no-till wheat. A no-till wheat field was most likely in milo the previous year. That field will attract and hold quail to a better degree. The difference is the waste grain presence is not lost due to clean tillage. As most will agree if there is food there will be quail.

Clean till wheat fields however typically are void of quail. A food first, cover second reality of Kansas hunting. Such a field may be in rotation with milo. That field the previous year in milo may have been one of the best quail spots around. Anyone that hunts Kansas knows that any milo field anywhere regardless of how seemingly little protective cover there may be it is a must hunt spot. This is more the reason for why Kansas hunting may produce less coveys in one day than in Missouri. This is true even on years when Kansas has a higher covey count. The difference is in Missouri with its better soil and rainfall within the Lower Missouri River Basin has the same grain fields in rotation between higher profit corn and soybean. Each of which are good quail winter food sources keeping the coveys anchored to that one field. It is due to this reason of large grain farming year to year that Missouri coveys are more reliably anchored to any one field from season to season than compared to Kansas.

The final factor about winter wheat is that it is a summer harvest leaving waste grain months to be consumed before hunting season. Fall harvested milo, corn and soybean fields are more likely to have waste grain into the hunting season and through winter.

Kansas Wild Quail Private Land Hunting Advantages

The main upland bird hunting difference is that Kansas hunting has our best pheasant numbers. Kansas also offers the chance at an occasional Prairie Chicken.

Kansas hunting also offers the further advantage of being the warmest winter season state in the central mid-west Bobwhite Quail region. This value comes through well on winters when the more northern states of Iowa and Missouri experience heavy snowfalls. Kansas easier to walk snow free fields are often the single reason on some years for hunting Kansas above that of Missouri.

Kansas hunting offers one more option. The added adventure of covering new ground. This adds that extra bit of motivation we all need during the longer hunting days when the walks seem to get longer.

There are many intangible hunting advantages to our method of organization that simply add up to all may be hunting, on game productive habitat at anytime during the season. The only way to beat what we offer is to lease your own twenty thousand acres of Kansas hunting land and keep everyone off it. Until then we are the best average Kansas hunter option for hunting wild quail to be found.

Other Details

Where to go hunting is offered through recommendations to the new Association hunter until that hunter develops his own knowledge of where he prefers to hunt. The Association partners also offer up their own upland bird hunting forecast. This is tracking of environmental limiting factors for each local region the Association has private hunting land. This has value to the hunter as they are the means by which the Association insures return hunters through having good hunting. Compare that motivation to hunting magazine article writers or state agency forecasts all of which are written by folks without any direct responsibility to the reader.

Our approach is to operate as a business to insure the most return for the Association hunter. No hunting club social activities or relationships. The Association partners will be friendly to all while not having any friends.

Concerning our hunting lease land management, we do not stand still. Every year we drop any hunting land where the habitat no longer supports our requirements and add land that does. And more.

The two partners, John Wenzel and Jon Nee, also have their own farms on which they develop quail habitat. A hobby activity for their own dog training that refines an eye for what is the right hunting/habitat to acquire.

Kansas Wild Quail Protective Cover Snapshot

Dog on point while kansas upland bird hunting

A Kansas covey point (above) of around 20. The tree line with fence separates a crop field from the fallow pasture that is pictured. Common hunting cover along a fence line differing from a wooded line along a drainage or waterway.

private land self guided kansas quail hunting late season covey rise

Late season Kansas hunting trip. Part of a slow to rise covey is in the air. Good steady to flush dog on point. Open sky shooting. A covey that has been on this spot for a long time.

Every hunting snapshot is exactly that an incomplete picture of what is around. The covey was just inside the edge of this tall grass field. Just out of frame was the adjoining milo field. On the other side of the grass was a cut wheat field. That prior growing season wheat field being cut rather than planted into winter wheat means in this part of Kansas Bobwhite Quail region that field is likely to be rotated into milo. This grass spot, quail protective cover, adjoining two crop fields in opposed rotation probably means this will be a good hunting spot for years to come.

Next looking closely at the hunter's game bag in the picture above. Seen sticking out is a rooster tail. One of three picked up from the grass while walking through it. Same hunter, same dog, on the same field pictured below with one of the three soon to be bagged roosters.

self guided kansas pheasant hunting

There is more to our Kansas hunting for both wild quail and pheasant. The links below will add more hunting pictures and text. All should feel free to call any day or evening to discuss their specific hunting plans. Our telephone number and email link is at the bottom of each web page.


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