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If this is your first page then read this: We are Mid-america Hunting Association a private land self guided hunter organization that has operated in Kansas since 1965. We secure hunting land access, give recommendations where to hunt and provide a local lodging listing. The deer hunter makes the rest of his hunt.

This Association deer article is of the benefits and consequences of Mid-America Hunting Association.

The short description of benefits is that all deer hunters may scout and hunt as much land as they have time to develop

Most cover several thousand acres settling on 3 to 5 farms they would consider first choice. Each hunter may then hunt any spot from day to day.

Our success comes from being able to cover ground. With choice comes the application of skill to find the buck of choice. This is opposed to what many have when the have a single deer lease. That is having just one spot and hope something shows up.

Self guided Kansas deer hunting


Average hunters making their own hunts through the Association providing the toughest resource to be gained, private land.

Bow Friendly and Gun Advantaged Hunting Land

Kansas may generally be divided in two regions. Each based on the predominate terrain. One being more bow friendly. The other better for gun hunting.

Bow friendly is defined as largely being wooded drainage both wet and dry. They cut through row crop fields connecting small wood patches. This is watershed country. The same time of cover repeats itself many times over. The aerial below is of such ground.

Bow friendly Kansas deer hutning lease land for self guided deer hunts.

A 160 acer, 1/2 x 1/2 mile, quarter section.

Such land is common to Association's private land in Kansas deer management units 8 9 10 and 11.

More gun advantage land is with in the Association's hunting land in Kansas deer management units 1 3 7 16 17.

Gun advantage land is predominately open land having much fewer trees than the more bow friendly region. The aerial below is a prime western Kansas deer lease.

Prime western Kansas deer lease.

Not a tree for a stand.

Each pivot irrigation circle on this photo is 1/4 in diameter. In western Kansas of limited rainfall an irrigated field means corn or soybeans. Boy are great during the deer season food sources. The scrub seen in the photo is exactly and limited to that. It ranges form head to knee high. What cannot be seen is the native grass that ranges 3 to 5 feet tall in irregular patches throughout the non irrigated which does equal non-framed land in this Kansas region. Each grass spot would be as much as a deer loafing spot as the brush. Further detail such as contour is not visible and on tops deceptive. Outside of the worked ground the terrain has numbers and at close frequency shallow hills and valleys. They range from 2 to 50 feet in height. On such ground it may be easier to see a buck on a high spot 200 yards away than one walking at just 50 yards.

The Association does not limit where bow or gun hunters may hunt. each may hunt in either Kansas closed in or open lands terrain. We seek to act as the hunter's friendly point of contact to inform of the possible decision criteria he may use for deciding where to hunt. Our motivation is simple. We know if a deer hunter has a good hunting experience he will return to hunt with this Association. that is what we are after.

Kansas Deer Management Units

Numbered on the map are the management units that the Association has private land to hunt. Numbers are placed in the relative location of those units. In the case of our hunting lease land it is all within agricultural regions of grain farming.

non-residnet Kanasas deer hunting units deer management

Where to Deer Hunt

It is the management units in Kansas that create additional requirements on the hunter.

State residents may hunt all seasons anywhere in the state. Nonresidents are restricted to management units. This brings up which unit to apply for and where to hunt.

In terms of where to hunt is parallel to the desired hunt method. There are places of good trophy potential where individual trees are notable land marks. The archery hunter is well advised to hunt elsewhere.

There are other localities that are very bow hunter friendly.

We will assist at time of tag application to insure all a more informed decision of where to hunt.

Association Kansas Deer Hunting Lease Land

Kansas hunting lease land


Early Muzzleloader and archery both open in late September. Muzzleloader will end in early October. Archery continues until the end of December.

Modern gun season (rifle) begins late November or early December and runs for 12 days.

Kansas Has Mule and Whitetail Deer

Kansas is for both Mule and Whitetail Deer.

Antelope and Elk are for residents only. None of the Association lands has either.

Mule and Whitetail Deer each has separate licensing requirements. Each hunter will need to read for himself the state regulations available through the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks web site. That regulations reading should be done fresh each year as the KDWP's has a long history of changing their regulations.

Tags are by a competitive draw. Application is the month of April each year for non-residents. Tags are applied through the KDWP's web site.

kansas hunting lease deer hunt

All pictures on this web site are at the courtesy of the self guided hunter. The Association partners, Jon Nee and John Wenzel, take each one as a report card on hunting lease management. They return the courtesy with latest sightings form their year round land presence.

Continue reading about the Association's Kansas private deer lease land.

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