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Kansas, Missouri and Iowa

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Kansas deer hunting and Iowa deer hunting are the well known deer hunts we have. Wild pheasant Kansas pheasant hunting for self guided pheasant hunts iowa deer lease private wetlands duck self guided duck huntsKansas pheasant hunting leads Kansas quail hunting in popularity considering the number of retriever/flushing dog hunters compared to pointing dogs.Iowa deer hunting zone 5Kansas quail hunting, wild Bobwhite Quail from western Kansas.Kansas pheasant hunting near Norton Kansas and Greensburg Kansas

We Are

Mid-America Hunting Association is a private land self guided hunter organization operating in Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

We have been in operation since 1965. That length of experience offers a refined hunt quality experience.

We operate for the average hunter who wants to make his own hunts. No hunting lodge, no guides. Just private hunting land in the right region of the state that gives good return to the hunter.

Our Hunts

Hunts are for deer, turkey, duck and goose; pheasant and quail.

Self Guided Hunts Only

We will assist each hunter to get to the point of where to park his truck, step out and begin his scouting or hunting. From that point each hunter makes his own hunt. He provides all his own equipment and skill.

Private Land

Tens of thousands of acres of private hunting lease land. All land is for the Association hunters' exclusive use.

All land is where we need to be for the best return for the hunter. This is possible by not operating a hunting lodge. We acquire land where we get the most return for the hunter. That causes many to hunt with this Association for years.

Lodging is by local motel.

How Land Is Accessed

Land access is by way of an online map library listing all land. Each spot is numbered. These maps along with a live person immediate confirmation telephone reservation insures all will know exactly where they will be scouting/hunting.

That telephone reservation is the means by which we prevent anyone from stacking up on the same hunting lease.

Before that telephone reservation each may talk to either one of the two Association partners, Jon Nee or John Wenzel. They will insure as best as our land will allow that each hunter will find the habitat and hunt he seeks.

All that hunt will have a choice from day to day where to hunt. No one is limited to just one spot. Most will developed favored areas and return there from season to season. All will enjoy the advantage of scouting/hunting new land each year as well. And, each may hunt his choice of the entire season.

Our System

One annual cost to access all private hunting land. For our three state region. For all seasons.

A 365 day year from the time the annual fee is paid until that anniversary the next calendar year. Or, allowance to hunt your choice of seasons.This is more hunting access than any one hunter has the energy to hunt. No one hunts it all. It is a matter that we limit hunters in the Association based on what they hunt.

It is that every lease we have has a reason why we have. That land profile determines how many hunters we can have based on hunting interest. The idea is never to have too many of any one type of hunter. It is that method that results in the hunter's benefit. That is he will always be able to hunt on his schedule and have a choice every day of where to hunt. Within that day each hunter may also change his hunting spot.

Our telephone number and email link are at the bottom of each web page. Always feel free to call with your questions.

Kansas Hunting

Our popular hunt is Kansas deer hunting. That is in Kansas deer management units 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16 and 17.

Second in popularity is Kansas pheasant hunting. Quail a close third. It has been that Kansas pheasant hunting has been better than that of our Iowa pheasant hunting.

Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey round out the most sought after Kansas hunts. This includes both fall and spring turkey seasons.

All Kansas hunting land is within watersheds. This is where grain farming is the primary land use. A food first, cover second approach for the better hunting opportunities.

Kansas has a wide range of cover. Large tall grass fields, brush filled draws and wooded drainage's connecting small wood patches. All of it around crop fields. A chance for some variety not available elsewhere.

Iowa Hunting

Our having private land in this Iowa region is no accident. We also have had this Iowa land well before other more well known individuals popularized this region with videos.

Trophy Iowa deer hunting in Iowa deer zone 5 and zone 4. All of it on farm land and some fallow.

Spring turkey hunting zone 4 is often combined with a north Missouri turkey hunt. Missouri's tags are over the counter for all.

Pheasant and quail hunt quality run up and down dependent on weather. Kansas pheasant hunting has been better than that in Iowa for the last several years.

Waterfowl hunts are limited to field sets.

Missouri Hunting

2014 Missouri hunting lease landMissouri is better than most expect.

Missouri deer hunting holds the Association record for the largest rack as well as more trophy whitetail than Kansas. This is due to Missouri's Conservation Departments four-point one side zone.

Missouri duck hunting is our best. All of it on private wetlands covering the North and Middle Zones. Our wetlands are near Grand Pass, Swan Lake, Settles Ford, Four Rivers, Urich Waterfowl refuges.

Missouri leads the nation at spring turkey harvests. With out approach for one cost for all hunts each spring turkey hunter can hunt each of our three states. That is often a good time to conduct some deer scouting for a fall hunt.

Mid-America Hunting Association, Since 1965
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Spend your time hunting rather than hunting for a place to hunt.

Mid-America Hunting Association private land hunting for self guided hunts for those hunters wanting to multiple stand deer hunting, five spring turkey hunting tags, wild quail hunting private land pheasant hunting self guided private wetlands duck hunting lease and crop field goose hunting.Self Guided Hunts